Not All Marketing Breaks the Bank

Some free advice from your friends at DLG Results.

Given the current economy, expensive marketing campaigns and large web developments may be temporarily unfeasible according to some. Staying on top of your internet marketing is crucial but doesn’t always need to break the bank! Experts at recommend your first step to be to get customers talking with a stronger level of web activity. Create your business’ place page account on Google, Yahoo and Bing for free! These accounts can be updated as often as possible for absolutely no charge, and allow your potential customers to view descriptions, information on services, reviews, as well as view photos and directions. Free social media accounts can skyrocket your web presence, reach out to customers, and inform people on both company and product news! You can even link your YouTube videos to your place page! Creating Your Company’s own corporate YouTube Channel can allow customers to view commercials, discuss products, and spread the word about your services.  Just ask our client George and Co. who received over fifty inquiries from the free posting of just one YouTube video! Please do check out Award winning Southend-on-Sea web designers, The Web Design Company

Our advice when creating a page? We suggest researching keywords using free online keyword research tools to take the guesswork out knowing what people are typing when they search. Use broad keyword service terms, and we recommend including local information such as your region or state to generate more relevant traffic to your website.

Need help setting them up? Looking for a way to improve existing pages? That’s where Proof of Marketing can help. They are the experts in internet marketing and we make sure your place pages like Tuliptel Media and social media accounts are running smoothly and getting you’re the results you want. We can create pages, optimize keywords, and monitor the analytics to understand where your web traffic is coming from, what works, and what doesn’t. At DLG, we help you get the most out of large search engines…for less!

So get started and create your free place pages and social media accounts and get your potential clients talking! Pull in some new business for the summer!

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Redefining Peak Performance

DLG Results Offers New SEO Package for the New Year

Worcester, Massachusetts. January 25th, 2011– DLG Results, a Worcester-based creative marketing company is now offering customers an all-inclusive internet marketing and webhosting package for the new 2011 fiscal year. Specializing in search engine optimization, DLG Results predicts the package will dramatically increase companies’ internet presence and searchability, and redefine their potential for success.

“The future of every company is a strong online presence and organic search results,” says owner of DLG Results Dave Lapierre, “and fusing our services will drive you to the top of those results.”

In addition to an extensive variety of customized services being offered now, DLG will offer new services in the all-inclusive package such as social media updates, website edits, and website hosting. The package will be customized for companies on a need basis, being offered on a monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual basis and even annual like we did for this best scroll saw brand.

 Services included in the Package:

  • Consultation, Analysis and Review
  • Website Design and Development
  • Organic Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Enhancement Packages
  • Traditional and Facebook Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing and Application Design
  • Content Management Systems
  • And More

 About DLG Results

DLG Results Inc. of Worcester, Massachusetts provides a wide variety of client-tailored products and services for sites like such as , custom application, content creation, site maintenance, consulting, internet marketing and search engine optimization. They specialize in combining all aspects of internet marketing to create a strong presence on the web, while fostering the “Teach a Man to Fish” with an tactic. DLG Results teaches clients how to manage many facets of their products and services so that they receive consistent results, and take a more satisfying stake in their own success. It is the mission at DLG Results to deliver outstanding results in performance and web traffic, while providing complete customer satisfaction. website for more information on how to develop your own company and build a brand of it! Visit our laptop backpack reviews section for more info.