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Google Enhanced Package

Google Enhanced Package

Google Maps

Registration with Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the newest applications Google has to offer. What it does is create a listing of a local business that includes the company’s name, address, telephone number, a brief description, directions, and a possibility of up to five category listings. The company also has the option of adding photos or special company attributes like a menu, hours of operation, accommodations etc.

What’s great about Google Maps is that if a company’s information is registered with the program that company has better search engine ranking. Better search engine rankings means the company is at the top of the page results when someone uses the search bar. This will get the company more visitors to its site, meaning more customers.


Google Analytics

Registration with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a revolutionary new application offered by Google. When configured to a company’s website information, it will automatically compile a range of statistics valuable to a website’s content development and internet marketing. This includes information on unique website visits, monthly reports and statistical graphs as well as what keywords are directing people to your site, what they are looking at when they go to your site, and how long they are staying at your site.

What’s great about Google Analytics is that is takes a professional and revolutionary snapshot of what is going on with your website and organizes with a statistical and easy to understand approach. It is critical for modern businesses who want to better understand how to market their websites appropriately and efficiently. With Analytics, both DLG and our clients can view their web site’s traffic flow increase and see just how visitors are using your web site. Ask us how conversion tracking can help you determine ROI on your web advertising!


Google XML Site Maps

III. Google Site Maps

Site maps are like a blueprint of your website. They literally map out all of your website’s links in an organized way. DLG Results can create a professional XML site map for your business’ website and submit it to Google. Unseen to your customers, XML site maps allow Google to “read” your website more easily by telling it exactly where to look for your most valuable information, giving you better search engine visibility and rank.

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